LSST:UK election results

New Consortium Board chair and two new Executive Group members

The results have been announced of the recent LSST:UK Consortium elections; three Executive Group members had reached the end of their terms, and the Consortium Board chair, Tim Naylor, had decided that the end of Phase A was a good time to step down and make way for someone new.

Tim has been Board chair since 2015 and has very successfully overseen the development of the LSST:UK Consortium into an efficiently-operating organisation, that represents the wide UK LSST community and provides strategic guidance to the STFC-funded LSST:UK Science Centre (LUSC) programme. Tim will be replaced by Mike Watson, who has been Deputy Chair for the past year, and who will take over from Tim during the LSST:UK All Hands Meeting in Cardiff on May 13-15. An election for a new Deputy Chair will be held soon. 

The three Executive Group members who had reached the end of their term were Richard McMahon, Vicky Scowcroft and Graham Smith. Richard was succesfully re-elected for another term, and he will be joined on the Executive Group by Adam Amara and John Stott, who were elected into the other two positions. Vicky has decided to stand down at the end of her term, while Graham is focussing on his position as LSST:UK Commissioning Coordinator. We thank both for their services on the Executive Group, and look forward to seeing both retain involvement in LSST:UK in different roles. 

So, many thanks to Tim, Graham and Vicky, welcome to Adam and John, and welcome back to Mike and Richard. The LSST:UK Consortium owes a debt of gratitude to all those who volunteer to serve on the Executive Group or as Board Chair or Deputy Chair, since all these roles involve a significant time commitment and are crucial for the effective running of LSST:UK and of the LUSC. 

Last updated: 07 May 2019 at 9:33