The LSST:UK Consortium is governed by a Board, with an appointed representative from each partner institution. The Board delegates day-to-day oversight of the LSST:UK Science Centre to an Executive Group, chaired by the Project Leader, while the science strategy and the engagement with LSST in key scientific areas is the responsibility of a Science Working Group, whose chair is the Project Scientist.

LSST:UK Consortium Partners (and Board Members)

The LSST:UK Consortium has 36 partners representing all major UK astronomy research groups:

LSST:UK Science Centre Executive Group

The day-to-day work of the LSST:UK Science Centre is handled by an Executive Group chaired by the Project Leader (Bob Mann, Edinburgh) and with the following elected members: Adam Amara (Portsmouth); Alastair Edge (Durham); Richard McMahon (Cambridge); John Stott (Lancaster); and Aprajita Verma (Oxford). The Project Scientist (Stephen Smartt, QUB), Project Commissioning Coordinator (Graham Smith), Project Manager (George Beckett, Edinburgh) and Consortium Board Chair (Mike Watson, Leicester) also attend Executive Group meetings.

LSST:UK Science Working Group

Engagement with LSST for strategically important science domains is coordinated by a Science Working Group, with membership as noted below.

  • Chair: Stephen Smartt
  • Particle Physics Liaison: Ian Shipsey
  • Infra-Red Liaison: Manda Banerji
  • Spectroscopy Liaison: Richard McMahon
  • SKA Liaison: David Bacon
  • Gaia Liaison: Nic Walton
  • E-ELT Liaison: Isobel Hook
  • Euclid Liason: Bob Nichol
  • Athena Liaison: Mike Watson
  • Gravitational Waves Liaison: John Veitch
  • Deep Drilling Fields Liaison: Matt Jarvis
  • Dark Energy Science Collaboration POC: Benjamin Joachimi
  • Weak Lensing POC: Catherine Heymans
  • Exoplanets POC: Eamonn Kerins
  • Large Scale Structure POC: Jon Loveday
  • Supernovae POC: Mark Sullivan
  • Clusters POC: Graham Smith
  • Strong Lensing POC: Aprajita Verma
  • Dark Energy Theory POC: Elisa Chisari
  • Photo-z Calibration POC: Ofer Lahav
  • Cosmological Simulations POC: Ian McCarthy
  • Transients & Variable Stars POC: Stephen Smartt
  • Solar System Science POC: Wes Fraser
  • Galaxies Science POC: Sugata Kaviraj
  • Informatics & Statistics POC: Jason McEwen
  • Variable Stars POC: Alexander Scholz
  • Star Clusters POC: Tim Naylor
  • Magellanic Clouds POC: Victoria Scowcroft
  • Galactic Bulge POC: Victor Debattista
  • Low-mass stars POC: Ben Burningham
  • Galactic Structure POC: Vasily Belokurov
  • AGN POC: Carole Mundell
  • Milky Way Science Collaboration POC: Phil Lucas
  • Near Field Cosmology POC: Annette Ferguson
  • Solar Neighbourhood Science POC: Sarah Casewell
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