The LSST:UK Consortium is governed by a Board, with an appointed representative from each partner institution. The Board delegates day-to-day oversight of the LSST:UK Science Centre to an Executive Group, chaired by the Project Leader, while the science strategy and the engagement with LSST in key scientific areas is the responsibility of a Science Working Group, whose chair is the Project Scientist.

LSST:UK Consortium Partners (and Board Members)

The LSST:UK Consortium has 36 partners representing all major UK astronomy research groups:

LSST:UK Science Centre Executive Group

The day-to-day work of the LSST:UK Science Centre is handled by an Executive Group chaired by the Project Leader (Bob Mann, Edinburgh) and with the following elected members:

  • Sarah Casewell (Leicester);
  • Cosimo Inserra (Cardiff);
  • Richard McMahon (Cambridge);
  • Matt Nicholl (QUB);
  • Kathy Romer (Sussex).

The Project Scientist (Stephen Smartt, Oxford), Project Commissioning Coordinator (Graham Smith, Birmingham), Project Managers (George Beckett and Terry Sloan, Edinburgh) and Consortium Board Chair (Mike Watson, Leicester) also attend Executive Group meetings, as does Aprajita Verma (Oxford) who is a member of the Rubin Observatory Director's Office.

LSST:UK Science Working Group

Engagement with the LSST Science Collaborations for strategically important science domains is coordinated by a Science Working Group, with membership as noted below (N.B. POC = Point of Contact).

  • Chair: Stephen Smartt
  • Galaxies Science POC: Brooke Simmons
  • Stars, Milky Way and Local Volume : Phil Lucas (Milky Way stars), Annette Ferguson (Local group and near-field comology)
  • Solar System Science POC: Meg Schwamb
  • Dark Energy Science Collaboration POC: Benjamin Joachimi and Catherine Heymans
  • AGN POC: Sebastian Hoenig
  • Transients & Variable Stars POC: Sarah Casewell (variable stars) and Cosimo Inserra (transients)
  • Strong Lensing POC: Aprajita Verma
  • Informatics & Statistics POC: Jason McEwen

A small number of additional members (called LSST:UK Science Liaisons) are to be appointed to assist and expand the expertise in this group, with view to being able to review and comment on Phase B requirements and progress :

  • SKA: David Bacon
  • EUCLID: Bob Nichol
  • Stars, Milky Way, Astrometry: Tim Naylor
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