The LSST:UK Consortium is governed by a Board, with an appointed representative from each partner institution. The Board delegates day-to-day oversight of the LSST:UK Science Centre to an Executive Group, chaired by the Project Leader, while the science strategy and the engagement with LSST in key scientific areas is the responsibility of a Science Working Group, whose chair is the Project Scientist.

LSST:UK Consortium Partners (and Board Members)

The LSST:UK Consortium has 35 partners representing all major UK astronomy research groups:

LSST:UK Science Centre Executive Group

The day-to-day work of the LSST:UK Science Centre is handled by an Executive Group chaired by the Project Leader (Bob Mann, Edinburgh) and with the following elected members: Adam Amara (Portsmouth); Alastair Edge (Durham); Richard McMahon (Cambridge); John Stott (Lancaster); and Aprajita Verma (Oxford). The Project Scientist (Stephen Smartt, QUB), Project Manager (George Beckett, Edinburgh) and Consortium Board Chair (Mike Watson, Leicester) also attend Executive Group meetings.

LSST:UK Science Working Group

Engagement with LSST for strategically important science domains is coordinated by a Science Working Group, with membership as noted below.

  • Chair: Stephen Smartt
  • Particle Physics Liaison: Ian Shipsey
  • Infra-Red Liaison: Manda Banerji
  • Spectroscopy Liaison: Richard McMahon
  • SKA Liaison: David Bacon
  • Gaia Liaison: Nic Walton
  • E-ELT Liaison: Isobel Hook
  • Euclid Liason: Bob Nichol
  • Athena Liaison: Mike Watson
  • Gravitational Waves Liaison: John Veitch
  • Deep Drilling Fields Liaison: Matt Jarvis
  • Dark Energy Science Collaboration POC: Benjamin Joachimi
  • Weak Lensing POC: Catherine Heymans
  • Exoplanets POC: Eamonn Kerins
  • Large Scale Structure POC: Jon Loveday
  • Supernovae POC: Mark Sullivan
  • Clusters POC: Graham Smith
  • Strong Lensing POC: Aprajita Verma
  • Dark Energy Theory POC: Elisa Chisari
  • Photo-z Calibration POC: Ofer Lahav
  • Cosmological Simulations POC: Ian McCarthy
  • Transients & Variable Stars POC: Stephen Smartt
  • Solar System Science POC: Wes Fraser
  • Galaxies Science POC: Sugata Kaviraj
  • Informatics & Statistics POC: Jason McEwen
  • Variable Stars POC: Alexander Scholz
  • Star Clusters POC: Tim Naylor
  • Magellanic Clouds POC: Victoria Scowcroft
  • Galactic Bulge POC: Victor Debattista
  • Low-mass stars POC: Ben Burningham
  • Galactic Structure POC: Vasily Belokurov
  • AGN POC: Carole Mundell
  • Milky Way Science Collaboration POC: Phil Lucas
  • Near Field Cosmology POC: Annette Ferguson
  • Solar Neighbourhood Science POC: Sarah Casewell
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