Science Spotlight

LSST will drive research across all areas of astronomy and will require technological advances to meet its ambitious goals. On this page we highlight some of the scientific and technical contributions that UK researchers are making to LSST.

LSST will answer key questions about the nature of dark energy

The LSST telescope is so sensitive, it can detect tiny distortions in the shapes of distant galaxies due to the influence of dark energy.

LSST will help us identify hazardous asteroids

Tracking the movement of objects in our solar system is a science priority for astronomers. For example, to identify potentially hazardous asteroids.

Supernovae from LSST will test our models of the Universe

Supernovae, the most massive explosions in the Universe, are powerful probes of cosmology. LSST will discover an unprecedented number of supernovae, very few of which will be followed up to have their types confirmed.