First images from the LSST Camera

3200 megapixels of Vera Rubin....and a brassica!

The Rubin Observatory camera team have released the first images from the full focal plane of the LSST Camera. These were taken in the camera lab at SLAC and, in the absence of the fully integrated camera optics, the team had to be creative in their choice of subject. As reported on the BBC News website, the first set of images released includes a picture of Vera Rubin, as well as a head of romanesco (a cultivated form of Brassica oleracea). The latter may be a less obvious target than the former, but was chosen because its near-fractal form illustrates the range of scales over which the 3200 megapixel camera can reveal detail. 

Last updated: 09 Sep 2020 at 13:16